Hi friends! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Huge thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me on my journey so far, it has been quite the week! I am shocked and excited at how many people read my last blog and checked out my Twitch, Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube channels.

Here is how the rest of my week went down.

Rocky Start

One of the trickiest parts about my first week of this adventure was the slight language barrier between someone with no PC game experience and those very familiar with the gaming community. Everyone who has offered me advice has, luckily, also taken the time to explain it in useful colloquial terms.

Next, my journey began rocky when my keyboard of two years died and no batteries could revive it.  I purchased a new (cheap) replacement and began downloading Aion, which should have only taken a half hour. Naturally I procrastinated to download the game until the day I told everyone I would stream and it decided to fluctuate between setting a 2 hour download time to a 200 hour download time.  I also didn’t have enough room on my hard drive. So I grabbed a glass (or two) of wine, cleared some things off my hard drive, took to snapchat, and postponed my first ever stream.


My First Ever Stream

Me and my Character, NewGirlKiki, preparing for my first stream.

Having watched many other streamers and Youtubers, I thought that I could be just as funny and charming.  It turns out it is a lot of work to focus on what you’re doing in a game, try to be charming, and manage all of the equipment and twitch account information.  I also procrastinated on looking up information on how to stream on twitch figuring I could wing it. Thankfully TiwtchSwitch TV swooped in and told me how to edit my stream information so that other people on the site could find me.

Maybe it’s for the best that for my first stream I wasn’t easily found since I mostly ran along the path aimlessly saying “what? what am I doing?” and “dooo dooo dooooo”.

Me running around aimlessly during my first stream.

After a bit, I learned that in the game you are supposed to talk to people with the arrow over their head, accept their “quest” and set out to do the tasks laid for your character.  So, that’s what I started attempting- I mostly just ran to the characters I saw around me and took their quests. At this point in my Aion adventure, my favorite part of this game was personalizing my character to look cool. When I ran out of time I signed off and hoped to catch on more during my next stream.

My Second Stream

Excited that my second stream would be more successful, I set up ahead of time, edited all my information accordingly and made it so that I could see who was watching my stream as well as all of their comments.

It’s clear I still have no idea what I’m doing in Aion (or on a PC), but a few good-hearted souls joined in to help answer my questions and take me under their wings so to speak.  Thanks friends and kind strangers!  During this stream, I learned how to pull up my map and inventory, how to gain experience in order to level up, and that if you die while fighting things your character has to go to the beginning so your stream is, yet again, just you running along the path saying “dooo dooo dooo”. Really entertaining stuff.

But I also learned that there is so much to this game; I really felt like I was this character, aptly named NewGirlKiki, who was supposed to go on all of these adventures across the land and talk to these other characters.  Whether it’s collecting items for a witch in order to find information on our friend, or getting items from other characters, it makes you want to keep leveling up and completing tasks.  And I am really excited to hopefully get to level 10 next stream because that’s when my character gets her wings- how cool is that??

All in all, I had a lot more fun, hopefully those tuning in had fun, and I am even more excited to continue on with this adventure.

Looking Forward

I dove headfirst into my Twitter and Twitch accounts, which have been successful.  I am so thankful to have over 200 Twitter followers so far who have all been very helpful and interactive. My Tumblr and Youtube channels, however, have been a little neglected.  My goal for the upcoming week is to get those in high gear as well- keep an eye out! I would love any and all suggestions for video editing tools.  I cannot wait to continue my interactions on all of these channels.

I learned some valuable lessons so far that I will take with me in the weeks to come: asking for help is important, don’t procrastinate, and perseverance pays off.

For the rest of February I will be playing Aion.  Here are the rest of the games I have in store:

March: Rocket League

April: World of Tanks

May: FIFA 17

June: The Legend of Zelda

July: Counter Strike

August: Skyrim

September: TBD*

October: TBD*

November: World of Warcraft

December: League of Legends

*Please drop game suggestions in the comments or on any of my other channels!