Hi Friends! I’m assuming most of you are friends who have been “highly encouraged” to read this by yours truly.  Thanks for supporting me on this adventure so far and clicking on the link I probably dropped in every inbox I have access to.  If you found this on social media, then I am glad my degree in media studies has been successfully put to work.

My name is Kiki and those of you who know me in real life know that I keep saying I want to learn how to game.  When I was younger I played Neopets until my mom had to change my password to get me to do homework, but I never quite expanded into the realm of online gaming after that like many of my peers.  So, what better time to start than now while I am a twenty something living with my parents and still trying to establish myself in the world?

Welcome to my latest adventure where I will learn, or attempt to learn, playing a new game every month until the end of this year.  The real fun bit, however, is that I will stream my gaming online for the whole world to witness this journey. I know it will be highly embarrassing, but that will be half of the fun, especially for those of you who view it.   If viewing my stream (or hearing what are likely to be cuss words coming from my mouth) is not your style, no need to fret, I will also be posting corresponding blogs about my experience along the way.

A poor quality selfie of yours truly for reference.


Getting Started With My Setup:

A while back someone tried to convince me to game.  My computer at the time was getting old so I bought an Asus off of a friend and tried to learn League of Legends.  Within five minutes I was frustrated and crying and the computer has only been used for work ever since.  I am excited to use my computer for its originally intended purpose.

Knowing nothing about online games or streaming, I was fortunate to have plenty of resources on the internet to help me get started.  And, because I’m a millennial, the natural assumption is that I can read a “how-to” on the internet and do it myself.  So, here we are.

Armed with a glass of cabernet sauvignon, I found Tom’s Guide through Google and went from there.  After browsing several sites to research the brands behind the necessary equipment and attempting to stick to my very low “post-grad girl with no job” budget, my setup is complete. My new monitor will help separate the gaming screen from the screen with the twitch stream, the bots will moderate comments and the webcam will record me.

Buying a microphone was my first set back on this roller coaster – it arrived broken. Since it was one of the few less expensive microphones with decent reviews, I almost didn’t buy a replacement after returning it. Thankfully someone pointed out a cyber Monday sale and convinced me to get a Yeti.  It has arrived, it is beautiful and I am back on track to begin streaming.


How to Follow This Journey:

Whether you are an experienced gamer who can look back on your first time trying these games, or if you have never gamed and want me to try these all so you don’t have to, I hope you enjoy following me on this journey.  I have created a Twitter, Tumblr, and Twitch account because that’s what I was told to do, and now I have this blog for you to follow.

So get comfy, grab a glass of wine (or Martinelli’s sparkling cider if you’re underage), and join me as I try out the following games:

February: AION

March: Rocket League

April: World of Tanks

May: FIFA 17

June: The Legend of Zelda

July: Counter Strike

August: Skyrim

September: TBD*

October: TBD*

November: World of Warcraft

December: League of Legends (hopefully tear free this time around!)

*Potentially: RimWorld, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, GTA,  Halo, Overwatch, Titanfall 2, Borderlands, Gigantic but open to more suggestions.

Please comment which game you would like me to try during September and October!

Inspiring you to grab a glass of wine (if you’re 21+), watch my stream and interact with me on social media! (photo taken at A Taste of Monterey)

Note: This blog does not condone or encourage underage drinking or any other illegal activities.